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WiFi NFC Reader (battery operated, prototype using Arduino Uno, WiFi Shield & NFC Shield) and Cloud Portal

NFC Reader Prototype (we call it a prototype as we are still improving it and reader is beta quality) is a custom built wifi nfc reader using Arduino Uno, WiFi Shield and NFC Shield. It reads Mifare Ultralight, Mifare Ultralight C and Mifare 1K Cards. It also reads NFC enabled android devices with Google Wallet. 
"Live" Demonstration
It is perfect for any use case (on the go, or stationary deployment) as It can be powered through a wall outlet, 9V battery or a USB cable. 
Target NFC use cases for these NFC Readers are Smart Posters in a Mall with portable NFC readers, Event Management with battery operated NFC readers, Voting & Polling anywhere using Cloud integrated NFC Readers, NFC Loyalty Program for VIP experience or any Smart Poster serving dynamic content to visitors.

This NFC reader,

a) frees a NFC Solution Provider from having to operate a PC/laptop for every NFC reader
b) helps a NFC Solution Provider to get rid of long ethernet or USB cables for internet connection
c) frees a NFC Solution Provider from having to do custom integration with a Point of Sale (PoS) system or any other existing retailer software.
d) enables deployments of NFC Cloud Solutions in minutes rather than days.

Note: Prototype has not been FCC certified yet.

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