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NFC Smart Poster for Mobile Customer Suggestions

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Size: 8.5 inches x 11 inches.

Why Suggestion Box Smart Poster?


  • Makes it extremely easy for customers to submit feedback.
  • Significantly improves suggestion submission experience.
  • Enables employees to act on feedback.
  • Enables customers to recover from bad service.
  • Offers social feedback experience to customers.

Below video shows how "1 Touch" Suggestion Box (NFC Solution) works.


How It Works?



  • Customers "Tap" their NFC-enabled mobile phones to Suggestion Box smart poster to submit "anonymous" suggestions in seconds.
  • As a business owner you will receive every customer suggestion as an email as soon as a customer submits it.


Zero Installation!



  • Suggestion Box Smart Poster works out of box! Just hang the poster on a wall or place the table-top on your front desk.
  • No installation or software needed.
  • No need for customers to "download" and "install" a mobile application. Every NFC-enabled phone works with Suggestion Box Poster without any issue.


What you get?



  • 1 Touch Suggestion Box Smart Poster (NFC Poster)
  • Your Own Mobile Friendly Suggestion Box Web Site
  • Instant Suggestions as Emails or SMS (if you want)
  • Embedded Pre-programmed NFC Tag and QR Code


Between You & Me



When was the last time you submitted a suggestion, comment or feedback to a small business?


Not that we don't want to but we never have "enough" time. "1 Touch" Suggestion Box idea was born out of that simple need to provide an "instant" but "anonymous" communication channel between us and the business owners.


Got a Suggestion For Us?



Just scan the QR code with your mobile-phone and send us your comment! Thank you!

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