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"Remember Parking Spot?" Smart Poster NFC Solution for Parking Operators

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Size: 8.5 inches x 11 inches.

Below video shows how NFC Smart Poster works.


  • Please help drivers remember their parking spots with just 1 tap of mobile phone.
  • If you would like a live demonstration then email us at
  • We can also make custom smart signs, posters or stickers which can be placed next to a Garage elevator or staircase so that a driver can quickly tap mobile phone to remember the garage level and spot.
  • Email us if you have any question at


Let us assume that you are just like us when it comes to remembering a parking spot at an airport garage. There are times when we have spent hours (bit of exaggeration but precious 5-10 minutes) looking for car at either airports, malls, community events or ball parks.

To help ourselves and fellow citizens who have trouble remembering parking spots, we have designed and developed a "Remember Parking Spot" Smart Poster so that we can never forget where we parked our car and do not have to waste a single second ever again looking for a parked car. Our solution is very simple to use, extremely quick and requires only a "tap" of your NFC-enabled phone to the poster. A simple "tap" will collect exact parking location information from the poster for you.

Just imagine the convenience of quickly tapping your phone to remember a parking spot especially when you are rushing off to pick up  loved ones at the airport or trying to make it on time for a customer visit. You simply can not afford to spend time writing down parking spot information or taking a picture of the garage floor.

We can already hear you saying "there are plenty of "Remember Parking Spot" mobile applications out there, why reinvent the wheel?" 

Reasons are very simple & compelling when you think about it so lets evaluate each alternative one by one.

  • Using a "Where's My Car" Mobile Application to remember a parking spot
    • Most "Remember My Car" or "Where's My Car" mobile applications use Global Positioning System (GPS) and require a clear view to sky (satellites). Usually a GPS positioning fix takes time and if you are in luck then accurate positioning information will be shown to you within 5-10 seconds. But many times it takes a lot longer and sometimes it fails completely.
    • When you are either indoors (i.e. deep inside a parking garage without a clear view to sky) or in an underground parking garage, getting an accurate position of your car using GPS may not work at all or will be highly inaccurate.
  • "Taking a Picture of Parking Spot" to remember a parking spot
    • This method requires you to pull out your camera and take a picture of your parking spot.
    • This method requires you to make sure that picture is not "blurry" (lighting may be an issue) and you "capture" important information i.e. not only "section" information but also "floor" and "building" information. Problem is a typical airport garage will have multiple buildings with multiple sections & floors and it is not sufficient enough to just take a picture of your spot number without knowing which building you parked in.
  • Using "Car Panic" Button to search for parked car
    • This method is definitely a very reliable way to identify your car in a busy parking lot but it requires you to be within the proximity of the car so that alarm can be triggered.
    • We have also tried a variation of this method i.e. we have tried pointing car key towards our heads to set off car alarm from farther distances.
  • "Writing Down Parking Spot"
    • This method is very quick and very reliable but takes effort and requires you to have a pen & paper handy.
  • Good old method of "Remembering Parking Spot"
    • If your memory is still serving you well then you are not one of us and you don't need any solution at all :)
If you use a different method to remember parking spot and which is not listed here then please let us know. Email:

Are you convinced yet of the benefits our smart poster provides? If yes, then please do us a favor and let your parking garage operator or mayor of the city know that they surely need to use our posters to make your busy life bit easy. At the least email us and tell us which parking garage you would like us to contact and try to setup the posters.

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