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NFC Loyalty Program

Fellow Business Owners: We want you to start running your own loyalty program within minutes and start rewarding your loyal customers. 

We are now offering our proven Cloud-based NFC Loyalty Program - Gold VIP Card - as a white label solution for FREE! Complete offering includes,

  • Customer Loyalty - Android Mobile Application for Shop Owners
  • Cloud Portal for Customers to view their accounts
  • Cloud Hosting for Loyalty Information
Please note that "NFC Tag/Card" for each customer is not included in the solution.


To download or customize our NFC Loyalty solution for your needs, please email us: 

NFC Loyalty Program

Click here to visit our NFC Loyalty Program "Gold VIP Card" which offers universal loyalty card, social media integration (facebook, twitter, foursquare) and voice based interface for users & retailers.

With just 1 tap of VIP card, a loyal customer can earn loyalty stamps, updates his/her Facebook status, checks-in to using Facebook and Foursquare and posts a tweet about his/her VIP treatment.


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