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Facebook Like Sticker (with NFC Tag) - Size : 5'' X 5''

Sold out.

Smart Sticker Size: 5 inches X 5 inches, NFC Tag Type: MIFARE Ultralight C

PLEASE NOTE: iPhones DO NOT work with this smart sticker as iPhones are not equipped with NFC technology.

Note: Please provide your Facebook username or business page URL during checkout.

Finally, there is an easier way to get customers and fans to connect with your business on Facebook with just "one tap". 


"Live" Demonstration

Our "Like Us" NFC Sticker will enable you to create social connections virtually anywhere. It sticks to any surface i.e. a glass door, glass window, table surface, most walls etc. so you have opportunity to start creating and accepting social connections everywhere. 

So go ahead and stick our Facebook "LIKE US" NFC Sticker anywhere you want and start collecting "Like's" from everywhere. 

NOTE: This product is unaffiliated with Facebook Inc. 

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Note: "Like Us" on Facebook NFC Sticker is also known as "Like Us" on Facebook Poster, Facebook Like NFC Tag, Connect with Us on Facebook Smart Poster or Social NFC Posters.

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