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Hard Reality of a NFC Business

Like so many other NFC companies (including ours i.e. aTuch), 'Inside Secure' had a disappointing 2012 financial year due to lack of NFC adoption on the main street.

Source: "Inside Secure to cut jobs after “a disappointing performance in 2012”


"Inside Secure recorded a disappointing performance in 2012," says Rémy de Tonnac, Inside Secure's CEO. "This bad news, which is mainly due to the great upheavals in the business environment in which we operate and to the difficulties encountered by our main client in the Mobile NFC segment, is leading us to refocus our business and adapt our organization model and our cost structure.


NFC Smart Posters at MWC 2013

Here is BBC coverage of NFC Smart Posters presence at MWC 2013.

"NFC - three letters that seem to mean an awful lot to the mobile phone industry right now, but nothing to the vast majority of its customers.

At Mobile World Congress this week, there are NFC posters, NFC demos on lots of stands - even a separate conference called the NFC Experience.

The GSMA which runs the annual shindig in Barcelona seems convinced that this is the year NFC really catches on - but then they've said that just about every year for the last decade.

Near Field Communications is a technology which allows small amounts of data to be exchanged when you tap two NFC devices together, or touch one against an NFC tag.

Apart from Apple, just about every manufacturer of smartphones now includes the technology as standard, so it is in more than 100 million devices."

Source: NFC - not for consumers?


Challenges of NFC Adoption for Retailers & Merchants

 Very good article by Juniper and reduction in forecast of NFC Transactions.

Source: The trials (and tribulations) of NFC

"Then there’s, well, the POS infrastructure problem. Stapleton is reported as having said that merchants “were interested in embracing the technology provided that they could make an investment that could be implemented once, last seven years and support all types of these payments”. What is not mentioned in the article is whether Stapleton believed the merchants would be prepared to make that investment now, and thereby disrupt the existing POS infrastructure lifecycle at additional expense. Judging by the general response across the wider retail industry, one suspects their response would be lukewarm to say the least.

Finally, there’s the issue of the NFC chipset that isn’t there. Apple didn’t put one in the iPhone 5. As I’ve mentioned before, this has a negative impact on NFC not merely because there are a fair few smartphones out there without NFC capability, but because of the wider perceptions of Apple’s decision: Apple hasn’t gone for NFC, so why should we invest in NFC at POS? Why should we invest in NFC campaigns? And the net result is less NFC terminals, less NFC campaigns, less NFC visibility and lower levels of NFC adoption.

Indeed, Apple’s decision not to include an NFC chipset (and the later than planned launched of Isis) obliged us to revise our forecasts for NFC transactions Below we have isolated the North American and Western European transaction values in our revised NFC forecasts and compared them to the transaction values forecast in May last year, which were predicated on an NFC-enabled iPhone 5 (together with the wider positive impact such a launch would have on the NFC ecosystem) ,an earlier launch of Isis, and – particularly for the first year of the forecasts – a stronger consumer take-up of Google Wallet.

Together, these factors translate into markedly lower POS sales via NFC: in the case of both regions, this means that transaction values anticipated by 2015 are pushed back around 2 years, as retailers and brands scale back their activity to reflect what they perceive as a lack of confidence in the technology, and consumers consequently have less visibility of NFC and less opportunity to make NFC transactions."

NFC Posters for Window Shopping

Samsung continues to explore the smart nfc posters space. The advertisement at the top is a sleek one.

NFC Poster


"Samsung has partnered with Dutch merchant JeansOnline, the country's largest retailer of brand name jeans, and technology provider SalesWindow to promote the use of the NFC functionality in phones including the Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy S III Mini and Galaxy Note II.

At the retailer's pop-up store on Amsterdam's Kalverstraat, customers who use a Samsung NFC phone to read a TecTilesNFC sticker in the shop window, or scan a QR code with their camera phone, will receive a coupon entitling them to receive a second item with every purchase, free of charge.

"Customers who scan a TecTiles NFC tag in the store and post an image of their purchase on Facebook are also eligible for a chance to win a €100 voucher." 

Juniper Research: Reassessing NFC’s future without Apple iPhone 5

Very good assessment of Apple's impact on mainstream NFC adoption.

Source: Reassessing NFC's Future

Interesting snippets...


Notwithstanding NFC’s backing by a plethora of financial institutions, vendors and network operators, Apple’s absence is significant – and, by the wide variety of corporate parties, is perceived as such. To begin with, Apple’s current reluctance to embrace NFC is likely to have a knock-on effect amongst retailers, who will perceive it as a lack of confidence in the technology. This, allied to their (correct) perception that there will be significantly fewer NFC-enabled handsets in the marketplace will make it far less likely that they themselves will invest in NFC-enabled POS terminals.

Next up are the brands: fewer POS terminals in stores provide less incentive for brands to initiate NFC campaigns. This in turn has further negative implications for the market, as there will thus be less visibility of NFC in stores or on posters, thus meaning less opportunity for the end user to experience the mechanism.

Finally, we come to the consumers. Despite the efforts of MNOs and their partners, consumer awareness of NFC remains low. The absence of Apple’s marketing (and its handsets) is a major blow in this regard. Furthermore, the decision in turn means that fewer players will focus on NFC as a priority in the short term, meaning still less NFC marketing, implying lower levels of NFC awareness amongst consumers.

Each of these negative factors reinforces the other; individually and collectively, they represent body blows to NFC payments and NFC couponing. It could even lead to a “vicious cycle” whereby – as a result of reduced consumer adoption – there is less incentive for Apple to introduce NFC into a future iteration of the iPhone. Hence our decision to revise the forecasts for NFC retail payments (and NFC couponing) downwards, primarily in North America and Western Europe.


For NFC Chip Controller - Broadcom is in and NXP is out!

News: Google picks Broadcom for NFC in Nexus 4 and Nexus 10

Below in my view is really significant as it enables multiple applications (or wallets) with SEs on a single device and each app owning its on SE.

"The Broadcom chip was first announced in September 2011 and enables multiple secure elements to be active on a single phone at the same time — making it possible, should Google implement the option and carriers support it, for consumers to be offered both a mobile wallet supplied by a mobile network operator and a mobile wallet supplied by a bank, handset maker or operating system supplier."

Loyalty + NFC Posters for Out of Home (OOH) Advertising by Scotiabank

In Canada, Scotiabank will be integrating the SCENE loyalty (rewards) program with NFC Posters.

"Smartphone users will be able to launch a specially-designed app on their phone and tap or scan one of the posters to gain instant access to a daily Facebook contest to win two free movie passes or to get directions to the nearest Scotiabank branch, where they can sign up for a Scene-eligible bank account with a signing bonus worth four movie tickets."


At aTuch, we have taken approach of integrating Social Media actions (Facebook Post, Facebook Like, Twitter Tweet and Foursquare Check-in) with our Loyalty Program ( what we call as "Social Loyalty" for Froyo (India's largest Frozen Yogurt Store)