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Apple NFC: No support for tags or pairing?

Even though iPhone now supports NFC, it may be that only 'limited' functionality is enabled in iOS. For now it seems that there is no way an iPhone can read either a NFC tag or a NFC Smart Poster (embedded with a NFC tag). Hence iPhone users still wont be able to enjoy most benefits of NFC except for payment purposes.


Interesting snippet below.


“As of the current software release, there isn’t any support for general access to the NFC controller,” RapidNFC’s Phil Coote told NFC World+ after examining the Gold Master version of iOS that was released to developers yesterday. “Clearly, this is a little odd because it might mean that pairing is not supported. However, being able, for example, to read and encode NFC tags is not an option at the moment.”




iPhone 6 gives NFC a shot in the arm

Interesting snippet from Juniper Research article about iPhone 6 and support for NFC.


"So, it’s NFC. I feel obliged to ‘fess up at this point. Not so very long ago I was fairly confident that said wallet would not necessarily involve NFC, partly due to issues around its aluminium and glass shell – which isn’t exactly ideal for NFC – and partly because its January payments patent observed that both BLE and Wi-Fi had ‘more desirable characteristics for maintaining the link over time’ than NFC. Hence my belief that we would see a wallet based around BLE rather than NFC."



NXP launches dynamic NFC tag chip for consumer devices

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"It will now become possible to use the highly intuitive UI on your smartphone to program a washing machine, exchange data with an exercise bike or wristband, and download specific cooking recipes to your microwave oven.”


McDonald’s adds NFC games to restaurant tables



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NFC stickers have been placed underneath tables across the restaurant. After downloading the McParty Run app, users can hold their NFC-equipped Android smartphones over the table to play the restaurant's racing game.

Joji Jacob, chief creative officer at DDB Group Singapore, told NFC World: "We programmed NFC sticker tags to act like parts of a racetrack, much like Scalextric tracks. We used a variety of generic brands for the NFC tags.

"Then we stuck these sticker tags on the underside of our restaurant tables so that they are invisible. When kids hovered their smartphones over the ordinary looking tables, the tables magically turned into McDonaldLand and their mobiles become fun little go-karts.

"Kids can zip around tables to collect burgers, harvest apple pies and fight baddies like Hamburglar and Captain Crook. All to help Ronald organise a party for the folks of McDonaldLand."



Japanese Library adds NFC Tags



A library in the city of Hannō, Japan, is using NFC tags attached to bookshelves to provide readers with access to a range of services, designed to transform it from the traditional concept of a lending library into a modern "problem solving" service for local citizens.

One hundred tags are being used to let library users access online information services, review books and make purchases. Users can also use the new service to reserve books from home


One in three mobile phones to come with NFC by 2017: Berg Insight

Between 2012 and 2017 the installed base of NFC-enabled handsets will increase at a compound annual growth rate of 65% to reach 2.1bn units, according to new research from Berg Insight. "The penetration rate for NFC across all handset segments will similarly increase to approximately 32% by 2017."